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Okritie Bank v Urumov et al

[2014] EWHC 191 (Comm)

Court: High Court
Jonathan Adkin QC, Hugh Norbury QC, Jonathan McDonagh

Jonathan McDonagh acted for the Urumov and Pinaev defendants, in Otkritie Bank v Urumov et al [2014] EWHC 191 (Comm), a claim for more than $170m in an alleged Russian banking fraud.  The case was the subject of considerable international media attention, and was heard over the course of 12 weeks in the Commercial Court. In addition to the usual issues arising from a civil fraud action, this case raised questions of international private law, foreign law, priviliege and the doctrine of ex turpi causa, Jonathan Adkin QC was involved at earlier stages in the proceedings. Hugh Norbury QC also acted for a third party in relation to the claim at an early stage of the proceedings.

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