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Trusts and Commercial Litigation Conference - Jersey


Serle Court hosted a very successful conference in Jersey on 5 June.

The Serle Court speakers included: Franks Hinks QC, Elizabeth Jones QC, Lance Ashworth QC, Nicholas Lavender QC, Michael Edenborough QC, John Machell QC, William Henderson, Tim Collingwood, Giles Richardson, Simon Hattan, Jennifer Haywood, Dakis Hagen, Prof. Jonathan Harris and Sophie Holcombe.

They were joined by delegates from law firms, trust companies, accounting firms and banks.

The conference covered a wide range of issues including:

A talk on recent cases involving attacks on asset protection structures.

An update on the recent decision in Pitt v Holt and Futter v Futter.

Case studies covering:
a Jersey trust looking at a number of current issues facing a Jersey trust lawyer;
bribery and proprietary remedies, examining the remedies available to a party whose employee has been taking bribes; and
claims against financial advisors addressing the issues which can arise when trust investments perform badly.

A talk on firewall legislation comparing the position in Jersey with developments in other offshore jurisdictions.

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