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Serle Court Seminar & Webinar Programme 2023 / 2024

Location: On Demand - in person or online

Serle Court is committed to delivering a high-quality programme of talks in 2023 / 2024, to assist our clients with knowledge development and training sessions. On request, we can offer our clients and contacts thought-provoking expert seminars across all areas of commercial chancery practice.

Our BD team continues to work closely with members of chambers and the practice management team to deliver a range of bespoke talks to client firms and their teams.

Our barristers are happy to deliver specialist talks in the format of in-person seminars, roundtable discussions, podcasts and webinars.

If you would like to discuss any of the topics listed in the 2023 / 2024 programme of talks, and/or arrange a convenient time for our barristers to present them to your team, please contact our Business Development Director, Charlotte Davidson or our Marketing Manager, Shana Garioch.

Topics which have been previously covered by our barristers are listed below.  

Private Client Series

  • The iniquity exception to privilege (produced by LexisNexis)
  • International enforcement of matrimonial judgments against trust structures 
  • Webb v Webb [2020] UK PC 22 - Failure to alienate the beneficial interest
  • Sham Trusts & the intention to deceive
  • Electronic Signatures on Wills
  • Success Fees in 1975 Act Claims
  • 1975 Act claims and entitled children
  • Disclosure and Privilege and Waiver in a Trusts Context: drawing on the Dawson-Damer Litigation
  • Jurisdiction Clauses in Trust Deeds
  • Trustee Exoneration Clauses: Sofer v Swiss Independent Trustees 
  • Estates, LPAs & Deputyship during COVID 19 Podcast
  • Section 27 Personal Representatives and conflict of interest
  • Challenging the Validity of Wills
  • The impact of Covid on undue influence claims or other post-death disputes
  • Trust & Insolvency Webinar 

Offshore Series 

  • Onshore attacks on Offshore Trusts
  • Sham Trusts: trustees intention and motive and establishing sham
  • Anti-Bartlett provisions
  • Insolvent Trusts
  • Partner rights to information
  • A Question of Privilege: Dawson-Damer v Taylor Wessing 
  • Braganza: commercial discretionary decision-making
  • Grand View v Wong: The substratum fallacy 

Commercial Litigation and Civil Fraud Series

Company and Insolvency Series

  • Just and equitable winding up
  • Insolvency issues for Commercial Litigators
  • Insolvency Nuts & Bolts 
  • Why insolvency is one of the most powerful weapons in fraud cases 
  • CIGA and Directors' Duties Webinar 
  • Price and Prejudice: Share Valuation in the context of s.994 Petitions 
  • “Friendly” winding up petitions and costs and winding-up petitions
  • Wrongful trading and Fraudulent trading – looking at how the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act

Intellectual Property and IT Series

  • 'Look-a-likes' (both sides of the debate)
  • Securing Jurisdiction over Foreign Defendants
  • Unusual Trade Marks (e.g. a bottle in the shape of a human skull)
  • The Perils of Goodwill
  • Erasure levels for confidential information destruction
  • The Dangers of Settlement Agreements
  • Estoppel issues in invalidity proceedings
  • Honest Concurrent Use
  • Targeting and revocation: proving use in the jurisdiction
  • Breach of Confidence (including employee inventions and post-termination delivery-up clauses)
  • Open Source Software: Infringement Proceedings 
  • Ownership Issues
  • Remedies: recent case-law update
  • Deletion of Documents
  • Co-existence agreements
  • IP and Competition Law

DIFC & Middle East

  • DIFC Court recognition of foreign judgments
  • Lateef v Leila: the power of the DIFC Court to make freezing orders in support of foreign proceedings
  • Contempt of court: recent developments in practice and procedure 
  • Anti-suit injunctions in intra-Emirates jurisdiction: ABNIC v Horizon

EU, Competition Law and State Aid Series

  • Case Management in the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT)
  • Retained EU Law
  • Net Zero
  • The impact of Brexit on Energy and Infrastructure
  • The Subsidy Control Regime
  • Freeports
  • Competition Law in Challenging Time: response of the UK and EU Competition Regulators to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • State Aid in Challenging Times
  • State Aid Update: a forward look to the UK’s subsidy control regime: Differences with WTO rules and interaction with trade deals

Property Litigation

  • Litigating in the Business & Property Courts: practical issues in disclosure and witness statements
  • Digital assets and crypto: how they affect property
  • Planning for protest: practical tips for a quick resolution
  • Fractional investment: property insolvency and negligence issues that arise when a 'property' scheme fails
  • Commercial Property & Real Estate Litigation: The Future 
  • Lease renewals – practical issues arising in the current crisis
  • "Whither the High Street” – Steps which our High Street clients can take to stop their property interests withering
  • Pitfalls for the unwary in the new R & S Hearings in Possession Claims
  • Where Fools Rush In: Forfeiture of Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Boundary Disputes: Law and Practice
  • The Undiminished Charms of Rights of Light

Arbitration, Mediation & ADR

  • Judge-led ADR (produced by LexisNexis)
  • The Law Comission's proposed reforms to the Arbitration Act 1996
  • Thoughts on Effective Negotiation 
  • Early determination under the LCIA rules
  • Mandatory mediation in civil proceedings
  • Expert mediator or subject matter expert?
  • Mediation & Negotation

We look forward to hearing from you.

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