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Andrew Moran KC and Wilson Leung have published an article in ICC FraudNet’s Global Annual Report 2023 entitled “Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK”

An Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) (or “McMafia Order”, as it has been nicknamed by the media) is a civil investigation tool used in the UK to assist enforcement authorities in building evidence to combat money laundering. A UWO made by a court compels a person who holds property to explain the nature and extent of his interest in it. In their article, Andrew and Wilson examine the background, structure, and operation of the UWO regime. The article also considers recent statutory amendments aimed at improving the efficacy of UWOs, other jurisdictions’ experience with these orders, and the mechanism’s prospects as a potent tool.

The article is available to read here (starting at page 149 of the Report).