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Professor Suzanne Rab comments on recent competition law developments in the Law Society Gazette

Professor Suzanne Rab has commented in the Law Society Gazette on the challenges international companies face in navigating UK and EU competition regimes, and the potential impacts of the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers (DMCC) Bill.

Discussing the new and emerging UK and EU regimes for the regulation of digital markets, Suzanne commented "As a point of difference, it’s important to understand that in the EU regime, once an organisation is designated as a gatekeeper there will be a uniform set of rules. The CMA by contrast can tailor its requirements, and so a global business could be subject to diverse requirements in the EU and UK."

The DMCC bill currently making its way through parliament could radically change the UK competition law landscape post-Brexit. Commenting on the appeal process, Suzanne highlighted that "the Bill envisages a considerable degree of judgement will be afforded to the CMA in the strategic market status designation process. The combination of these factors means that the scope for appeal will be relatively narrow and where the tribunal may be expected to show a degree of deference towards what will usually be a complex evidence-based decision of the CMA, as an expert authority."

Suzanne's comments were published in the Law Society Gazette, 30 June 2023.