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Zoe O’Sullivan QC - SCLA Scheme Panellist

The Society for Computers' Adjudication Scheme (SCLA) continues to provides a cost-effective and speedy procedure for resolving contract disputes, functioning as a remote service, operating in a virtual capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The scheme is essentially a three-month procedure for “technology” disputes – meaning any dispute arising from a contract for the provision of tech-related goods and services including software development contracts, outsourcing arrangements, systems integration contracts, IT consultancy contracts, software licensing agreements, blockchain/smart contracts and cloud computing contracts.

Members of the adjudication panel are technology law professionals with considerable experience of both technology and dispute resolution matters. Applications are assessed to ensure candidates meet the required eligibility standards and appointment is then approved by members of the SCL Board of Trustees. The SCL adjudication panel is subject to regular review. 

Zoe O'Sullivan QC is a member of the SCLA Scheme Panel alongside the other members that are listed below:

  • Clive Freedman, 3VB
  • Professor Robin Callender Smith, QMUL
  • Simon Henderson, 4 Pump Court
  • Michael Silverleaf QC, 11 South Square
  • Robin Somerville
  • Nicholas Gould, Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP

To find out more about the scheme, please click here.