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Intellectual Property Overview

Several members of Chambers provide advice and advocacy services in intellectual property matters, involving for example patents and confidential information, copyright and designs, and trade marks and passing-off, as well as related areas such as performance and moral rights, data protection concerns, Freedom of Information requests, information technology matters, and entertainment and media issues.

Chambers has a particularly strong reputation in trade mark registration disputes, with great experience before both the national and European tribunals and courts, including the Trade Mark Registry, the Appointed Person, the General Court and Court of Justice of the European Union.

Chambers also has extensive experience in copyright matters, in particular those relating to the music and entertainment industries. Chambers have acted for many artists, record and film companies, agents and publishers. In addition, members of chambers have undertaken advisory work in international, European and comparative copyright law, including assisting in legislative drafting and representations to governmental departments and international organisations.

Given the broad chancery / commercial make-up of Chambers, members are well placed to advise on the interaction of intellectual property issues with such areas as company law, insolvency procedures, tax disputes, trusts, jurisdictional matters and private international concerns.


Chambers & Partners 2018

Michael Edenborough QC 
A seasoned silk highlighted for his deep expertise in trade mark law. He has additional expertise in patents and design rights disputes. He is also often instructed in cases concerning geographical indications, data protection and moral rights.
Strengths: "I am always impressed by Michael's technical skills and frankness on all matters." "He is very, very good. He's approachable, always gives considered advice and has a huge range of knowledge." 

Legal 500 2017

Michael Edenborough QC - "A highly regarded advocate." 



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The latest edition of SerleSpeak is now available to download... more


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Notable Cases

Lifestyle Equities CV v Santa Monica Polo Club [2018] FSR 15

A trade mark trial concerning the logo of a polo... more

Gama Healthcare Ltd v Pal International Ltd [2016] EWHC 75 (IPEC)

Successfullly resisting a passing off claim based on the packaging... more

Pinterest Inc v Premium Interest Ltd [2015] ECC 14 [2015] ETMR 30

Whether or not a CTM gives its proprietor a right... more

Simba Toys GmbH & Co KG v OHIM (Rubik’s Cube) [2015] ETMR 15, Case T-450/09

An appeal to the General Court of the European Union, which... more

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain v Clausen [2015] EWHC 1772 (IPEC), [2015] ETMR 40

Acted for The United Kingdom Ukelele Orchestra (‘TUKUO’).  The trial... more

Gama Ltd v PAL International Ltd {2016] EWHC 75 (IPEC)

Acted for PAL International Ltd sucessfully defending a passing off... more

Intra-Presse v OHIM (GOLDEN BALLS) Case T-437/11, [2014] ETMR 1; and, Case C-581/13 P, [2015] ETMR 6

Pro bono appeal to the General Court and then the... more

Moroccanoil Israel Ltd v Aldi Stores Ltd [2014] ETMR 55

Trial for passing-off with respect to look-a-like packaging. more

Her Majesty’s Solicitor General v Dodd [2014] FSR 27

An application for committal for contempt of court.  In a... more

Utopia Tableware Ltd v BBP Marketing Ltd [2013] EWPCC 28; [2013] FSR 43

A reference from the Patents County Court to request the... more

CIPA v Registrar of Trade Marks (IP TRANSLATOR) Case C-307/10; [2013] RPC 11; [2013] RPC 20; [2013] ETMR 42

Appeared in Case C-307/10 which was heard by the Grand... more

Secretary of State for Health & Ors v Servier Laboratories Ltd & Ors

Alleged breaches of articles 101 and 102 TFEU and interference... more

Secretary of State for Health & Ors v Servier Laboratories Ltd [2014] Lloyd's Rep. F.C. 175

Rejected the defendants' attempt to rely on a French criminal... more

R (otao Prudential) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax [2013] UKSC 1; [2013] 2 WLR 325; [2013] 2 All ER 247

The Supreme Court ruled on the issue of whether legal... more

Smart Technologies v OHIM Case C-311/11 P; [2012] ETMR 49

The registrability of slogans as trade marks.      ... more

Temple Island Collections Ltd v New English Teas Ltd [2012] FSR 9; [2012] ECDR 11

A copyright infringement case regarding pictures of a Routemaster bus in... more

Pass J Holdings Ltd v Spencer - Intellectual Property, trade marks [2012] RPC 16

Trade Mark Registry (Appointed Person) more

Tresplain Investments Ltd v OHIM (Golden Elephant) Case T-303/08; [2011] ETMR 44; and, Case C-76/11 P; [2012] ETMR 22

Interpretion of article 8(4) CTMR, in particular what is meant... more

Harrison v Harrison [2010] FSR 25

Concerns the moral rights of derogatory treatment and false attribution. more

William Evans v Focal Point Fires plc [2010] ETMR 29; [2010] RPC 15

This case established that an estoppel can arise from a... more

Budejovicky Budvar NP v Anheuser-Busch Inc [2010] RPC 7

The CA made a reference to the CJEU on what is... more

Blacklight Power v Comptroller-General of Patents [2009] RPC 6

Acted for the Comptoller-General of Patents in this appeal from... more

Hasbro Case C-59/09 P

A case on the rights of audience of Trade Marks... more

Land Securities’ App [2008] ETMR 67

Acted for the Registrar of Trade Marks on this appeal... more

Toshiba/Priority Period and Re-establishment J-09/07; [2009] EPOR 17

Application for restitutio integrum for a missed priority date. more

adidas AG v Marca Mode CV Case C-102/107; [2008] ETMR 44; [2008] FSR 38 985; [2008] BusLR 1791

Acted for the UK Government on the scope of protection... more

Kitfix Swallow Group Ltd v Great Gizmos Ltd [2008] ETMR 11; [2008] FSR 9; [2008] BusLR 465

Failed application by the Defendant for a stay of OHIM... more

Imagination Technologies Ltd v OHIM (Pure Digital) Case T-461/04; [2008] EMTR 10; and, Case C-542/07 P; [2010] ETMR 19

Concerns the date by when a mark needs to have... more

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer International Holdings Inc v Yeda Research and Development Co Ltd [2008] RPC1; [2008] 1 All ER 425

Acted for the Comptroller-General of Patents in this matter dealing... more

Kustom Musical Amplification Inc v OHIM (shape of a guitar body) Case T-317/05; [2007] ECR II-427; [2007] EMTR 72

Registrability as a trade mark of the shape of the... more

Landor & Hawa International Ltd v Azure Designs Ltd [2006] FSR 22; [2006] ECDR 31; [2007] FRS 9

Leading case on the "method or principle of construction" exclusion... more

Smirnoff Trade Marks [2006] RPC 16

An attempt to invalidate/revoke all the Smirnoff UK trade marks.  Acted for the... more

Woodhouse v Architectural Lighting Systems [2006] RPC 1; [2006] ECDR 11

Registered and unregistered design right infringement trial concerning street lamps;... more

Barrett v Universal Island Records Ltd [2006] E.M.L.R. 21

Substantial claim involving record royalties, claims to own copyright and... more

R v DEFRA ex parte Northern Foods [2006] ETMR 31; [2006] FSR 29; [2007] 1 All ER 216

Concerning the Protected Geographical Indication "Melton Mowbray Pork Pies"; the... more

Lambretta Clothing v Teddy Smith [2005] RPC 6

Leading case on the interaction between copyright protection and design... more

Hormel Foods v Antilles Landscape Investments [2005] ETMR 54; [2005] RPC 28

Abuse of process and issue estoppel in a trade mark... more

Reckitt Benkiser v Home Pairfum [2004] FSR 37; [2005] ETMR 94

Refusal to join a new Part 20 defendant as an... more

R v Comptroller General of Patents, ex part Penife [2004] RPC 37

A judicial review of a decision of the Patent Office... more

Blayney (t/a Aardvark Jewellery) v Clogau St Davids Gold Mines [2002] FSR 14; [2003] FSR 19

Leading case on the quantification of damages in a copyright... more

West (t/a Eastenders) v Fuller Smith & Turner [2002] FSR 55; [2003] ETMR 30; [2003] FSR 44, and costs judgment [2004] FSR 32

Revocation of the specification of the ESB trade mark from "beer"... more

R v Comptroller General of Patents, ex parte Ash and Lacy [2002] RPC 46

A judicial review of a decision of the Patent Office... more

Wheatley v Drillsafe [2001] RPC 7

Notable as the only patent case in which Aldous LJ... more

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