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‘This new standard practitioners’ textbook is more than living up to its well-deserved reputation for wisdom and thoroughness,’ writes Lord Briggs of Westbourne

The Sixth Edition of “Minority Shareholders: Law, Practice and Procedure”, Oxford University Press was published on 20 December 2018.  It is widely regarded as the leading practitioner textbook on the law relating to minority shareholders, and has detailed coverage of the relevant tactical and procedural issues which arise in that context.  The new edition features a new chapter on share purchase orders and valuation, and, as well as considering the relevant recent UK case law, has expanded coverage of the relevant non-UK authorities, including those from the BVI, Cayman, Hong Kong and Singapore Courts.  The book’s international focus has received increased emphasis, as evidenced in a revised Chapter 9, together with references throughout to decisions in common law courts around the world.

About the authors

Victor Joffe QC is a barrister formerly based at Serle Court in London, now based at Temple Chambers in Hong Kong. He specialises in corporate law relating to shareholder and internal disputes, corporate governance, protection of minority rights, directors' duties, and derivative actions. Daniel Lightman QC specialises in civil fraud, commercial litigation, professional negligence, and company law. David Drake has a broad commercial chancery practice. Timothy Collingwood also has a broad commercial and chancery practice and extensive experience of claims concerned breaches of duty, and of shareholder disputes.  Giles Richardson's practice encompasses a wide range of commercial and chancery disputes.  

As pointed out by Lord Briggs, there has been ‘no earth-shaking change to primary legislation calling for a new edition… this is a part of the law in which judicial decisions are constantly refining the principles, and procedural change just never stops.’

'This is the sixth edition of this definitive work - an ample testament to its reliability and authority. ... no practitioner library should be without this definitive work of reference, with its complete and comprehensive coverage of a key area of law.' (Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Chambers, and Elizabeth Taylor, Richmond Green Chambers).

This leading text is now available to purchase, online from Amazon, in both hardcover and Kindle Edition,  OUP, and Wildy & Sons Ltd.