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#SerleShare - World Intellectual Property Day 2022

In response to World Intellectual Property Day 2022, Professor Suzanne Rab has written a SerleShare titled: "Artificial Intelligence and IPR".

Michael Edenborough QC: "World IP Day is an occasion when the IP profession raises its collective eyes from the tasks-in-hand and considers some of the wider aspects of IP. In a timely article, Professor Suzanne Rab of Serle Court has penned an article about AI and IPR that explores many interesting and important aspects of this developing field. Currently, around the world, the DABUS case is being played out in various IPOs and national courts; this is a case that challenges the boundaries of who or what may or may not be identified as the devisor of an invention. This, at first sight, may appear to be a very modern development, but it is in fact a problem that has formed the subject matter of story lines for many years. For example, way back in 2001, in an episode entitled “Author, Author” (s7, e19), Star Trek Voyager was concerned with whether the ship’s emergency medical hologram (forever, only ever called the “Doctor”) was the author of a holo-novel, and so could prevent its otherwise unauthorised distribution. As is always the case in Star Trek, good prevailed, and it was accepted by the inter-quadrant tribunal (which in passing, makes remote hearings look rather quaint) that the Doctor had the right to control the distribution of his (its?) literary / dramatic work. The world waits with baited breath to see if modern jurisprudence can emulate such progressiveness. Professor Rab’s article will help you determine the answer to that conundrum."

Suzanne's full article can be viewed here.

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