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Serle Court publishes its 28th edition of serlespeak

We are delighted to introduce the 28th edition of serlespeak on the subject of Property Litigation. In this edition, our barristers present four articles, which are set out below.

In Andrew Francis' lead article, ‘How not to say "No" – or how to say "Yes" ’, Andrew considers Four Golden Rules of approval when deciding whether to grant or refuse consent.

Andrew Bruce then goes on to evaluate modification and discharge of restrictive covenants under section 84 of the Law of Property Act 1925 by the Upper Tribunal.

Thomas Braithwaite looks at ‘allodial land’ in a company law context and the recent decision of Chief ICC Judge Briggs in Pall Mall 3 v Network Rail  [2021] EWHC 1835 (Ch).

Finally, Amy Proferes discusses the effect of the pandemic on the relationship between landlords and their tenants and the renewal and modification of pre-existing leases in her article:  “O brave new world, that has such clauses in it!”

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of serlespeak.

Please contact our Business Development team if you have any comments/suggestions for future topics. We do value your feedback.

The 28th edition can be found on our Newsletters page - here